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Advantages of the G-Series Cooling Cube

The impressive range of Case wheel loaders is packed with plenty of features, but one of the most impressive is the mid-mount G-Series Cooling Cube. This innovative design represents a major shift in wheel loader cooling technology, giving operators better visibility, improved serviceability and most importantly, less risk of overheating which leads to downtime and costly repairs.

Let’s take a look at this exceptional advancement in cooling technology: The G-Series Cooling Cube.

Cleaner airflow

In most wheel loaders, the engine and radiator are at the rear of the machine. While this is quite standard and has been for many years, the Cooling Cube makes a significant design improvement. The rear of the machine is the dustiest part, and when air is pulled through for cooling purposes, it also brings with it a lot of dust and debris.

The Cooling Cube shifts the radiator and cooling mechanisms to the mid-section of the machine, where airflow is a lot cleaner. The result is less dust in your system and overall better cooling performance.

No radiators back-to-back

Moving the radiator and cooling systems to the middle of the loader, also means there are no radiators positioned back-to-back. This significantly improves the airflow, and also allows for heat to be disbursed out of the area more quickly.

The design features the radiator on one side and the hydraulic cooler on the other side. In the middle section is the fuel cooler, and opposite that is a reversible fan. By placing all of these components in a cube design, the airflow is much improved, with less chance of heat from one component affecting another.

The engine can be lower

Clearly, the positioning of the G-Series Cooling Cube is one of the highlights, which is why we’re mentioning it so much. But moving the cooling system to the middle of the machine also allows the engine to be positioned lower. This improves the overall stability of the machine, because the weight of the engine is lower to the ground.

Not only does this improve stability, but it also offers better breakout and lifting power.

Better visibility from the cab

While we’re on the topic of the lower engine position, this has another benefit that we haven’t discussed yet. That benefit is operator visibility. On most wheel loaders, there is a bonnet sitting much higher to house the engine, and this can often have the effect of minimising visibility behind the machine.

Placing the engine more towards the rear, and lower, removes some of that obstruction, giving operators a much clearer view behind them. This is a great safety consideration in addition to providing a better, more comfortable experience for the operator.

Better for moving long distances

Another benefit of the G-Series Cooling Cube is in moving the wheel loader between sites, or even on the road. Depending on your individual needs, it is often beneficial to drive loaders between work sites, quarries and even secure storage areas. This puts more strain on the transmission, and in many cases can cause overheating.

Case wheel loaders are great for road travel in general, but the implementation of the Cooling Cube has taken this to another level. The risk of transmission overheating is drastically reduced, which gives you more freedom of movement, less wear and tear on transmission components, and less frequent parts replacements.

Improved fuel economy

You can even save a bit of money on fuel thanks to the Cooling Cube. Quite simply, this is because the engine isn’t powering a large fan at the back of the machine. Rather, pumps are used to drive the Cooling Cube’s fan and this uses less power.

Programmable reversable fan

One of the great innovative features is actually central to the entire system. The fan used for cooling is also reversible, and this can be programmed to kick in manually or automatically. By reversing the airflow, you’re not only drawing heat away, but you’re also removing particles that have found their way in during operation.

This keeps your system much cleaner and therefore limits the machine’s downtime during manual cleaning. Of course, you’ll still need to perform some manual cleaning, but it will be much less frequent and time-consuming than on other wheel loaders.

Better serviceability

While we’re on the topic of servicing and repairs, the Cooling Cube also helps in this regard. Because the engine is lower to the ground, operators can far more easily complete daily checkpoints. Plus, the positioning makes it easier to service in general, which can minimise downtime and get your wheel loader back to work much faster.

If you’d like to know more about Case wheel loaders or the incredible mid-mount G-Series Cooling Cube, we’d love to hear from you. Earthmoving Equipment Australia stocks a great selection of case wheel loaders designed for all types of applications. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.


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