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Case Remanufactured Parts

Genuine CASE remanufactured parts are completely remanufactured from their core to their original, like-new condition not rebuilt from the point of failure

To ensure peak performance on the job site, they’re fully tested to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Plus, they’re backed by our industry-leading warranty.

Genuine CASE remanufactured parts cost less than new parts, and because they come ready to install, they can significantly cut down on repair times and costs an important consideration for equipment owners looking to get back to the Jobsite quickly.

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Remanufactured Products

The CASE Construction remanufactured parts lineup includes engines, drivelines and transmissions, fuel injection components, hydraulics and electronics.

CASE Construction also offers remanufactured parts that can boost your equipment’s performance, such as air conditioning compressors, starters and alternators, turbochargers, injection pumps, and more.

About Our Process

With most rebuilt parts, manufacturers replace only the failed component. In our remanufacturing process, we examine, restore and test parts to our original performance specifications. We rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, strict performance standards and unequalled quality control.

With every CASE Construction remanufactured part, we:

  • Completely disassemble and inspect the core.
  • Thoroughly clean each component and test it against the manufacturer’s latest specifications.
  • Replace all wear parts with new components including bearings, seals, gaskets and more.
  • Restore or replace all other components.
  • Reassemble and test all finished remanufactured parts one final time to ensure like-new performance

Remanufactured Case PartsRemanufactured Product Benefits

CASE remanufactured parts cost less than new Parts offering great value while ensuring peak performance.

We’re continually adding parts to our extensive remanufactured parts line-up, so you have more
options than ever for your equipment needs.

CASE Construction remanufactured parts are engineered and built to deliver like-new performance that meets our most stringent performance specs.

Our remanufactured parts come as ready-to-install components, so our technicians can spend less time completing your service work and you can get back on the job site faster.

CASE Construction remanufactured parts come with the same warranties that we offer for new parts

Warranties and Purchase Protection Plans

Rest easy with parts and labour warranties that cover remanufactured parts installed at your CASE Construction dealership, and Purchased Protection Plans that reduce the cost of potential future repairs and protect your equipment beyond the base warranty.

  • Available for purchase on all CASE Construction remanufactured replacement and long block engines, transmissions and axles installed by your CASE Construction dealer.
  • The plans are flexible, with no complicated forms to complete. Customers can select the number of months and hours to meet their specific needs.
  • For engines, protection periods are available for 36 months/ 3,000 hours or 48 months/4,000 hours, whichever occurs first.
  • For transmissions and axles, protection periods are available for 24 months/2,000 hours, 36 months/3,000 hours or 48 months/4,000 hours, whichever occurs first.
  • Plans can be easily financed through your CASE Construction dealer, and are transferrable to new equipment owners at no charge.
  • The protection period includes the manufacturer’s base warranty period, but also provides additional protection beyond that base warranty period. Equipment owners can enrol eligible units up to 60 days after the component installation date.

Eligible repairs are completed by authorised CASE Construction dealers using genuine CASE Construction remanufactured parts and are reimbursed at CASE Construction’s suggested price for parts and the dealership’s posted shop rate for labour.

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