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A Deep Dive into the Features of Case Track Loaders

Track loaders are the versatile all-rounders that construction industry professionals love. Track loaders have a seemingly endless list of applications, from excavation to breaking up concrete and carrying materials. But, of course, not all track loaders are created equal. Most brands have different features that appeal to different people.

Case compact track loaders deliver incredible maneuverability, power, and performance – all in a compact package. This in itself is appealing, but what makes Case track loaders so special? Here are some of the features we love about Case compact track loaders.

Easy maintenance

Nobody wants their expensive machinery to be out of action for very long. Repairs and regular servicing are all part of loader ownership, but most people want to keep mandatory downtime to a minimum. It’s why people always choose the most reliable and durable brands. The more time your machinery spends in a workshop, the less time it can earn you money on job sites.

Case is a brand that understands the importance of reducing downtimes, which is why it has gone to great lengths to improve maintenance access on its wheel loaders. You’ll find all of the critical check and service points together at the back of the machine, making maintenance so much faster.

360-degree visibility

Case is known for its industry-leading 360-degree visibility on compact track loaders. But rather than settle for that, Case goes the extra mile to offer even more benefits. Backup cameras are also available to improve visibility and in both forward and reverse operation. The low entry point also gives operators a better view down to the bucket, and there is also a low rear-sloping hood and 360-degree lighting. 

In short, if you’re looking for good visibility and driver comfort, look no further than Case track loaders.

Powerful torque and breakout force

Torque is crucial for construction machinery, but so is breakout force. When we talk about breakout force, we mean the level of power that can be exerted at the end of the bucket or other attachment. It’s a measure of the digging power and lifting capability. Case loaders always come with exceptional breakout force, meaning you can basically do more with them. Impressively, though, this additional power doesn’t result in excessive fuel consumption.

A range of control configurations

Everybody has a different preference when it comes to loader control. Case loaders are available in electro-hydraulic, mechanical, and mechanical hand and foot configurations. The electro-hydraulic models come with an LCD display and offer operators significant control. They can save operator profiles, change machine responsiveness, and much more. However, the option is always there for those who prefer a more mechanical operation. Basically, Case track loaders are all about customisation, so if you have specific needs and requirements, you’ll likely be able to find them in the Case range.

Tier 4 Final emissions compliance

Compliance with emissions standards is a big-ticket item for many construction industry professionals in the modern world. Naturally, companies need to ensure they comply with all industry regulations, and for some, that includes emissions reductions. Case track loaders are a good choice whether you’re subject to emissions reduction requirements or simply want to be more eco-friendly. We’ll touch on the Economy Mode that saves fuel a little later on, but it’s just part of the reason that Case track loaders are becoming more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. Most new Case loaders come with maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solutions, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Economy Mode and engine protection

Looking after your engine is crucial to maximising your investment when buying a track loader. Case’s engine protection system includes automatic shutdown, ignition timeout and other features designed to extend the life of your engine, battery, and other components. By minimising engine idling, Case has created a more efficient operation. In some parts of the world, there are idling laws, preventing how long a piece of machinery can idle. So, if you ever work in one of those places, you’ll find Case’s idling timeout features a breath of fresh air. Plus, the economy mode helps you save fuel, reduce your operating costs, and extend your engine’s lifespan at the same time. These features are a huge consideration for buying new track loaders.

Interested in Case track loaders?

Earthmoving Equipment Australia is your expert when it comes to Case track loaders. We have a range of loaders suitable for a wide variety of applications. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, don’t worry because our team of professionals is here to help. Talk to us about your work, and we’ll help you with some tailored options to suit your needs. When you work with Earthmoving Equipment Australia, you get the best advice every single time. Contact us today to find out how we can help. 


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