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A Guide To Our Heavy Excavator Range

When starting any earthmoving project, it’s crucial that you equip yourself with the right tools. The type of heavy excavator you choose can make a big difference to the efficiency, safety, and success of your project. But how do you decide which excavator is right for you?

The excavator you choose really depends on the work you’re doing. Are you undertaking a large-scale construction task or a smaller landscaping job? The project’s demands, like the depth of digging, load capacity and the terrain’s condition, will determine the type of excavator you need. In addition, you’ll also need to take into account the excavator’s fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and ease of operation. All these factors can heavily influence the project’s total cost and timeframe.

Choosing the right excavator for your project

A common question we get at Earthmoving Equipment Australia is about the differences between mini, medium, and heavy excavators. It’s not just about size, though, because each category has its unique strengths.

Mini excavators, typically below 7 tonnes, are perfect for smaller projects like residential landscaping or plumbing. They’re compact, easy to manoeuvre, and can operate in tight spaces.

Medium excavators, ranging between 7 and 20 tonnes, are the workhorses of the construction industry. They are versatile machines, capable of handling various tasks from digging to demolition.

On the other hand, heavy excavators between 21 and 50 tonnes are the giants of earthmoving. These machines are built for large-scale mining, road construction, and commercial projects. They can handle heavy lifting and deep excavation tasks with ease.

However, their size requires a larger working area and skilled operators to handle them safely.

Our heavy excavator range

Here at Earthmoving Equipment Australia, we have a massive selection of excavators and all the attachments you need. Our expert team can also help you find the perfect machinery for your job. We’re proud suppliers of Case excavators in Australia, and as such, here are some of the highlights of our range. This selection is not exhaustive but gives you a snapshot of the heavy excavators on offer.

Case CX210C Excavator

The Case CX210C is a 21t excavator designed for efficiency and comfort. It includes a powerful and fuel-efficient Tier 4 engine, delivering the needed power while keeping emissions low. A feature that distinguishes this excavator is its advanced hydraulic system, which ensures smooth, precise operations even in challenging conditions.

The cab design prioritises operator comfort with ergonomic controls, noise reduction, and excellent visibility. Best of all, daily service and maintenance checks can be done at ground level, making the process much easier for operators.

Case CX250C Excavator

The Case CX250C, a member of our heavy excavator range, has impressive features. At 25 tonnes, it offers a balance of power and agility, making it suitable for various projects.  

The highlight of the CX250C is its intelligent hydraulic system, designed for precise and efficient operations. It has five energy-saving controls that manage engine output to match work demands, significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Like all Case excavators, operator comfort is a priority. The spacious cab, equipped with climate control and low-noise design, enhances productivity by reducing operator fatigue.

Case CX300C Excavator

Increase your productivity with the Case CX300C. This 30-tonne excavator is popular for large civil projects that require large scale excavation and dump truck loading. The advanced hydraulic set-up of the CX300C results in significant fuel savings, cutting ownership costs and boosting tonne per litre productivity.

With an updated boom and dipper arm design, the CX300C offers increased digging power and durability, with all electronic components featuring waterproofed connectors for ultimate reliability. Operator comfort has also been prioritised, with a spacious cab, climate control and low-noise design to create the perfect work environment for all conditions.

Case CX350C Excavator

Step up in power with the Case CX350C excavator. This 35-tonne machine is designed to easily handle demanding tasks, boasting robust construction and a highly efficient Tier 4 engine. One of the standout features of the CX350C is its robust arm and boom design, with an 11.9m reach. These, coupled with the enhanced lifting capabilities, make it ideal for heavy-duty tasks like quarrying and mining. In addition, it comes equipped with an intelligent hydraulic system for precise control and fuel efficiency.

The CX350C offers a well-insulated, spacious cab with excellent visibility and ergonomic controls to ensure operator comfort. The CX350C is a testament to Case’s commitment to productivity, efficiency, and operator comfort.

Case CX490D Excavator

For the toughest jobs, it has to be the Case CX490D. This 50t excavator is built for power and precision. Designed with large-scale projects in mind, the CX490D features a Tier 4 engine and intelligent hydraulic system for unmatched power and fuel efficiency.

What makes the CX490C unique is its advanced system that prioritises fuel efficiency without compromising on power. The machine automatically adjusts engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, reducing fuel consumption and boosting productivity.

The CX490D features a spacious, quiet cab, a fully adjustable seat, and advanced climate control for operator comfort. These features, along with the powerful performance and advanced technology, make the CX490D a leader in the heavy excavator market.

Are you looking for experts in heavy excavators?

When it comes to heavy excavators, Earthmoving Equipment Australia is your go-to partner. From the efficient Case CX210C to the powerful CX490C, our range is designed to meet your every need. Contact us today for more information, and let our experts guide you to the best solutions for your earthmoving projects.

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