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Mini loader | Enhance Productivity

The vast range of Cast mini loaders has arrived in Australia, along with many attachments, including 4-in-1 buckets, pallet forks, trenchers, slashers and augers. Cast mini loaders are available now and ready for sale at the EEA Group. Let’s look at the most popular Cast models and how they can improve the productivity of civil contractors, plant nurseries, arborists, farmers and other industries.


Cast SQ22 or Worky Quad

The SQ22, also known as the Worky Quad, is a small mini loader designed to be compact, economical and easy to run in backyards or other small spaces. At full height, the Worky Quad reaches over 2m high, ideal for tasks like dumping soil, green waste or other loads onto piles or into small trucks, just like a mini skid steer would. However, at just 1150mm wide, the Worky Quad is more compact than a mini skid steer. In addition, the machine’s lift capacity of 350kg punches well above its operating weight of just 630kg. Its compact design can easily be transported on a trailer to job sites.

The Worky Quad features a powerful Honda V-twin petrol engine, which produces 21 horsepower. In addition, this mini loader has the option for high-flow hydraulics. While it is the most compact Cast mini loader in the range, it can still operate a variety of attachments, including buckets and augers.


Cast Loader 30 Series

The Cast loader 30 series features four different models of machines. They are all compact mini loaders but with a cab-forward design. This means that when the operator is in the cab’s seat, they sit on the mini loader’s front section. As this model turns, the operator also turns, providing outstanding visibility. The operator is therefore following the front end and the load of the mini loader at all times, improving safety and manoeuvrability. The low centre of gravity combined with the rigid articulation joint increases stability and provide a higher tipping load. This machine range also has the option for high-flow hydraulics, which is excellent for operating powerful attachments.

The most miniature model in the 30 Series, the Cast Loader 23T, has a starting lift capacity of 950kg, with the larger 33T mini loader capable of lifting to 950kg. The ground speed of the Cast 30 series mini loader starts at 10 km/h for the 23T model, while larger models can reach a ground speed of 16 km/h. All mini loaders in this range feature a Kubota engine producing 23-25 horsepower.


Cast Loader Genesis Series

The Cast Loader Genesis Series is the most powerful of the Cast Loader range. A standout model in this range is the Cast Loader 40XD, featuring a 38-horsepower Yanmar Tier 4 engine. The cabin provides unbeatable comfort for the operator, with a soundproofed cab that can be equipped with heating and air conditioning. An 11-function joystick and a universal coupling plate are included as standard for operation.

Steering and manoeuvrability are great assets of this model, despite being more significant than the 30 Series. The 40XD’s four wheels can all steer independently and features articulated steering. This allows for a fast turning radius, allowing the operator to navigate sites easily. In addition, the 40XD has a boom height of 3.3 metres and can lift an impressive 1500kg.


FAQ Mini Loaders

What is a Mini Loader?

A mini loader can be used in various industries, with a range of attachments able to be fitted, providing scope for many jobs. Mini loaders are 4-wheeled machines and can be either ride-on models like the Worky Quad or cabbed models like the 30 series. They are built to be the most compact machine for accessing tight spaces on job sites. However, they can carry hefty loads for their size, with many models featuring telescopic boom arms, an excellent tool for dumping material and grabbing high objects.

What does an articulated Mini Loader mean?

An articulated loader is a type of mini loader. The articulated design of the model means there are two sections to the machine connected by a flexible joint. On the Cast mini loaders, the centre of the device features a flexible joint that allows the front part of the machine to turn independently from the rear. This enables the Cast to turn around tight spaces and manoeuvre around tricky terrain. The articulated design improves performance and can save you time on the job site.


What attachments can I use on a Mini Loader?

One of the great features of a mini loader is its capacity to operate a wide range of attachments. Popular attachments are the 4-in-1 bucket, grapple arm, trenchers, slashers, pallet forks and augers. In addition, cast loaders feature various hydraulic systems capable of providing consistent, reliable power to the attachments. Whatever industry you’re in, civil contracting, plant nurseries, arboriculture, farming and more, Cast Loaders have a passion for suiting you. Contact us for more info on the range of Cast Loader attachments and a quote.


Where to find a Mini Loader?

EEA Group is your number-one Australian dealer for Cast, Bandit chippers and stump grinders, with branches in NSW, QLD, VIC & WA. EEA Group can supply all your Cast Loader parts, offer suitable hire options and provide lifetime service and support for your machine.

 Contact EEA for more specs, price or finance options on the Cast Loader range.

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