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What to Consider with Auger Extensions

Augers are extremely valuable tools used for digging holes and removing soil and other materials as you go. There are handheld augers, industrial augers and agricultural augers, all used for different applications. Some are used for digging into soil, others are used for breaking through rocky ground. But regardless of what you’re using an auger for, if it doesn’t reach your desired digging point, it isn’t really fit for purpose.

That’s where auger extensions come in. Extensions give you the ability to reach further into the ground and access other difficult areas. But there are a few things to consider before you rush out to buy your new auger extension.

 What are auger extensions?

Auger extensions are used when your existing auger isn’t long enough to get the job done. This is a very simple description, but in truth, they are quite simple products. An auger extension is typically made from high-grade, heavy-duty steel and looks like a tube with two pin connectors on each end.

 Basically, to use an auger extension you simply need to remove the existing auger and attach the extension in its place. Then, connect your auger to the other end of the extension, and you’re ready to go.

 Auger extensions are typically used when you need to penetrate further into the ground or you’re working on complex terrain and your excavator can’t reach the desired drilling/digging site.

 Consider what you need an auger extension for

When choosing an auger extension, you need to have a good idea of what the auger is being used for in the first place. There is a range of different augers available, including:

Augers are used in a range of different settings, such as agricultural, industrial and even just around the home for DIY. Some are handheld, using a simple ratchet operation to dig into the ground, while others attach to heavy earthmoving equipment like excavators. However, since different augers are required for different applications, you’ll need to know how to choose the right one.

Remember, auger extensions are like a connection between your auger and the excavator. In another example, an extension for a handheld auger is a link between the auger and the ratchet or handheld mechanism you use to turn it. So, when buying an extension, it needs to fit with both your auger and your turning mechanism.

What length do you need?

Naturally, if you need an auger extension, it’s because your existing auger can’t reach the places you need it to. Auger extensions come in many different lengths, from 500m up to 6000mm. So, it really depends on the type of work you’re doing and the specific areas you can’t reach.

There are usually two use cases for auger extensions. You’re either digging straight down and need to penetrate further into the earth, or the space you need to dig isn’t quite accessible with your normal equipment. So, before you purchase an extension, make sure you get enough length for your job.


As we touched on before, the auger extension connects at one end to your excavator, and at the other end to your auger. Today, most auger extensions are reasonably universal in their connection points, with the best ones using a simple hitch pin at each end. This makes it simple to quickly change out your extensions if you need more or less length for any particular task.

However, if you’re dealing with older equipment, you should definitely check the attachments carefully to ensure the extension actually fits. If it can’t be held in place securely as intended by the manufacturer’s instructions, it isn’t safe to use. So, save yourself some time and money by thoroughly checking all connections before buying an auger extension.


Finally, like any product you buy for work, you want to ensure it is of the highest quality. You don’t want to waste money on cheap auger extensions, only to have to pay again when the cheap one fails. All auger extensions need to support some pretty heavy mechanical operation, so they should always be made of high-grade, heavy-duty steel. Research products carefully before you buy, and you’ll end up with gear that lasts longer and performs better.

Looking for quality auger extensions?

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