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Sharpgrade Heavy Duty Series

Heavy Duty 2.2 Series

The HD 2.2 Series comes with our patented sealed, shielded and lifetime lubricated QuadRod linkage, adjustable hitch plate, underslung walking beam and retracting front wheels. The SharpGrade HD 2.2 is suited to large frame machines in the 80 -120HP bracket, ideal for heavy stone and aggregate work, large flat work, green house floors, curb & sidewalk prep, sub divisions, etc, especially with 3D control.


  • Sealed, shielded and lifetime lubricated QuadRod linkage; Never requires greasing
  • Retracting front wheels: use as a dozer, buck piles, confined areas, while maintaining accuracy
  • No centre pivot; 3 times faster to grade than conventional designs, no duck walking
  • Adjustable Hitch plate: sets chassis level on lower stops for precision grading
  • Underslung walking beam: reduces wheel scuff in turns




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