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Sharpgrade Standard Series

Standard 2.0 Series

The Standard 2.0 Series shares the same sealed, shielded & lifetime lubricated QuadRod linkage as the Heavy Duty series. The mono beam chassis and close coupled wheels offer low ground pressure and exceptional visibility. Ideal for mid-frame skid steers in the 60 – 90HP bracket: residential pads, medium industrial flat work, curb & gutter / sidewalk prep, equestrian surfaces.


  • Sealed, shielded and lifetime lubricated QuadRod linkage; Never requires greasing
  • Retracting front wheels: use as a dozer, buck piles, confined areas, while maintaining accuracy
  • No centre pivot; 3 times faster to grade than conventional designs, no duck walking
  • Adjustable Hitch plate: sets chassis level on lower stops for precision grading
  • Mono-beam chassis with close coupled wheels: low ground pressure with enhanced visibility




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