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Sewell TB2000ESS Sweeper

Sewell Sweeper / Road Broom

A 34 HP 4-Cylinder Kubota water-cooled diesel engine tow-behind road broom with a 2000mm wide broom including a 30 degrees slew function with offset pivot for brush visibility from the tow vehicle, with the ability to side shift.

  • BROOM TYPE: Self-powered, tow-behind
  • ENGINE: Kubota, 34 HP, 4-Cylinder, Water-Cooled, Diesel Engine
  • BRAKES – STANDARD: Electric
  • HAND BRAKE: Standard
  • BRUSH DIAMETER: 34” / 863.6mm
  • BRUSH LENGTH: 2000mm
  • BRUSH SPEED: Adjustable 50-140 rpm
  • BRUSH TYPE: Poly, Wire or a combination of poly and wire.


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