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Cast SSQ Eco Quad

Cast SSQ Eco Quad

The SSQ Eco Quad is a fully electric mini loader with the same Cast Loader power guarantee. The new fully electric motor, with an autonomy of up to 7 hours, is compact and reliable. A wide range of accessories are available for the SSQ Eco Quad to meet the multiple needs in the agriculture, farming, forestry, construction and gardening sectors.


  • Boom arm

  • “Universal” coupling plate

  • New rear hydraulic outlets are easily accessible.

  • Hydraulic flow of 18.5 litres per minute are available for the functioning of hydraulic equipment and attachments


  • A wide range of Cast Loader attachments available for use, including augers, pallet forks, buckets, grabs and more

Lifting capacity – 450 kg with counterweights

Width – 740 mm

Engine power – 11 hp

Hydraulic system – 18.5 l/min

Boom height – 2042mm



Cast Loader

Thanks to the hydraulic power and the ever-active hydrostatic transmission, the Cast Loaders machines are widely used in many areas such as gardening, public and private soil maintenance, construction, agriculture, nursery sector and livestock.


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