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Allu Crushing Bucket AC 20-22

The ALLU Crusher is a crushing attachment designed for excavators from 15 to 22 tons.

GP Digging Bucket is designed for general digging and earthmoving purposes.Use in low-impact, easier digging materials such as common earth, sand and clay. The ALLU Crusher is designed to be efficient in every situation. The sides of the crusher are straight, and the tip plate is angled. That makes it easier to fill with material and difficult to damage the ALLU Crusher. The bend side plates add overall strength to the bucket frame construction without adding weight.


  • Operating Pressure- 3630 psi
  • Max Flow – 159 l/min
  • Crushing Cam Opening – 370mm



• Extra sides

• Switch kit

• ALLU Sensor

• ALLU App



ALLU is a family-owned company that designs and manufactures Screening and crushing buckets for processing, separating, sorting, mixing, and crushing materials

Additional information

Bucket size

300mm GP, 450mm GP, 600mm GP, 900mm Mud, 1000mm Mud


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