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Choosing The Right Excavator: Why After Sales Service Matters

When choosing an excavator for their civil construction business, Rick Davis Contracting has found that the after-sales service is the most important factor for them.

Rick Davis Contracting in Sydney has had hundreds of earthmoving machines, from mini excavators to heavy excavators, in their business, but took a change a couple of years ago, switching to Case Construction and EEA.

“In the last six or seven years we’ve bought Komatsu excavators, we’ve bought Takeuchi, we bought Kubota, we bought Case machinery, we bought before Caterpillar machinery,” says Geoff from Rick Davis Contracting.

“I say this with all due respect to every brand. I think now they’re all running very close in their operation and their capability and that stuff. The machines themselves run very closely.”

“The point of difference for me is after-market service and support. So how easy is it for me to get a spare part? How many people do they have on the road to service my gear?”

“When I ring up, do they drop everything, do they send someone out or am I waiting for a callback? So those aftermarket things have become really important. EEA in my opinion is very good at that after-market support.”

EEA offers unbeatable after-market support in the form of spare parts delivery and also a quality field service team that services Case Construction and all other brands of machinery across NSW and QLD, including excavator service, skid steer service, wheel loader service and more.

Having a trusted service team was an important factor for Geoff and Rick Davis Contracting when deciding what excavator to purchase.

“That made a huge difference to me and my choice for these machines. I have fixed service agreements with EEA on all of my Kubota’s now, not just my Case gear,” says Geoff.

“EEA is servicing my new Kubota excavators here, I have like five or six new Kubota’s you’re looking after those items. That gives me the surety that firstly, they’re going to be serviced at the correct intervals. Secondly, I’m going to get reports when they’re done and thirdly it’s one thing off my head that I’m not having to think about because you come back to me.”

Why Choose Case

Case excavators are known to be extremely durable and reliable, which is perfect for Australian conditions. Operators can also enjoy improved comfort and useability, which is a trademark of Case excavators.

Another point of interest when it comes to Case excavators is fuel efficiency. The advanced technology and engine features of a Case machine are in place to ensure excellent fuel efficiency, which is important as users try to cut costs. Plus, thanks to innovative telematics systems, users can get valuable real-time data on performance and maintenance requirements. Overall, this reduces downtime and improves efficiency across the board.

Here at Earthmoving Equipment Australia, our Case excavators are reliable and built to last, with unbeatable after-sales service. Australian conditions are tough, whether it’s mining, construction or civil work. Case excavators come packed with advanced technology and more power, which ultimately leads to higher productivity. If you’d like to talk to us about Case excavators, other construction machinery or even parts and repairs, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today and speak to our dedicated team of experts.

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