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Exploring the Range of Cast Loader Models

If you’re in the market for a mini loader, check out the range of Cast loaders available from Earthmoving Equipment Australia. Mini loaders are extremely versatile pieces of machinery, giving operators the perfect blend of power and manoeuvrability. Mini loaders are more compact than other loaders, meaning they may not have the extensive lifting capacity of a heavy-duty wheel loader, they also offer loads of benefits that bigger machines can’t match.

Mini loaders can be used for construction, agriculture, earthworks, trenching, grading, loading, transporting materials and more, making them very useful in a number of applications. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using mini loaders, and check out some of the highlights from the Cast loader range.

Benefits of mini loaders

The fact that mini loaders are small and compact does nothing to dent their popularity. The reality is that for certain jobs, you don’t need the enormous lifting capacity of a larger machine.

Attachments galore

There is a huge range of attachments you can add to your Cast loader depending on your needs. Whether you want rock breakers, grading tools, buckets, augers or something else, you’ll find mini loader attachments to be very versatile.

Reduced turning radius

Being smaller than other loaders is a huge advantage when it comes to manoeuvrability. On smaller job sites, especially residential construction and landscaping, there simply isn’t enough room for larger machines to operate. Being so small and compact gives mini loaders a greatly reduced turning radius, allowing them to work more effectively in tight spaces. Mini loader’s unique design means they can access narrow corridors, manoeuvre tight spaces and cause less damage to properties. It’s the ultimate machine for landscaping and construction projects.

Compact and lightweight

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and that’s certainly the case with Cast mini loaders. The smaller size of these machines means they’re a lot easier to transport to and from a work site.

Lower operating costs

The bigger the machinery, the more fuel it needs. As such, Cast loaders are more economical because they use less fuel. They also don’t need as much maintenance as larger machines, so you can experience greater uptime with a mini loader.

The range of Cast Loaders

Let’s check out some highlights of the Cast loader range:

Cast Worky Quads

When you want compact and lightweight, look no further than the range of Cast worky quads. These much smaller loaders are ideal for applications where lifting capacity isn’t a priority. There are 5 popular models to choose from, and we’ll list these below with the lifting capacity for each.

  •       SSQ11: Lifting capacity 280kg.
  •       SSQ15D: Lifting capacity 350kg.
  •       SSQ22: Lifting capacity 350kg.
  •       SSQWX22: Lifting capacity 350kg.
  •       SSQ Eco Quad: Lifting capacity 450kg.

Some models, such as the SSQ15D, are available in a remote-control version, too. Worky quads all include a boom arm, hydraulics, universal coupling plates and plenty of power. For ultra compact machines, worky quads pack some serious punch.

The other huge advantage is how well they move around a work site. Being smaller, worky quads can access tight spaces and the remote control operation on some models adds even more convenience.

SSQ Eco Quad

It’s worth touching on the SSQ Eco Quad separately, as it offers a point of difference from other models. The major variation is that the Eco Quad is fully electric, which reduces your operating costs even further. With an 11hp engine, it still boasts a larger lifting capacity than other worky quads, allowing up to 450kg.

Cast Loader 28T

Moving on to the mini loaders, one of the more popular models is the Cast Loader 28T. It includes a 25hp Kubota engine and has a maximum lifting capacity of 1180kg. Universal coupling plates are standard, and they also come with a telescopic boom. Attachments such as buckets, forks, augers, and more are readily available.

Cast Loader 800 Eco

For those who want to keep fuel costs and their carbon footprint down, Cast offers the 800 Eco mini loader. This fully electric model has zero emissions, a 20hp engine and a 1400kg lifting capacity. Much like other models, you can find attachments for any industry and the telescopic boom offers excellent versatility.

Cast Loader Maxo 57D

Known as the most powerful mini loader in Australia, the Maxo 57D is packed with power and features. With a 57hp Kohler engine, it boasts a lifting capacity of 2100kg, which is the equal highest of the Cast range.

Want to explore Cast loaders further?

Earthmoving Equipment Australia specialises in machinery for all types of industries including construction, forestry, mining, agriculture, civil works and more. With Cast loaders to suit everybody’s needs, we provide the perfect match for your next project. Whether it’s a Cast worky quad for smaller jobs or a mini loader for construction, our team of experts ensures you get the right equipment. We also have a range of attachments to suit any application. Contact our team at Earthmoving Equipment Australia at any of our national branches to find out more.

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