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DemoTech DC350 Drum Cutter

DemoTech Rock Grinder / Drum Cutter

To Suit 18 – 32T Excavator


  • Precision cutting
  • Low vibrations
  • High performance
  • Low Noise
  • Narrow, deep trenching
  • Maintenance-free
  • Milled materials usable onsite
  • Custom Head Brackets

The DemoTech DC range of Rock Grinders, also known as Rotary Cutters, Drum Cutters, Twin Headers and Pineapples, are ideal for trenching, profiling and resurfacing rock and cement walls, tunnelling, quarrying, demolitions, dredging and finishing operations.

They are highly effective where conventional excavation systems are too weak and percussion systems have little effect.

Their quiet operation allows them to be put to work in sensitive or populated areas (near schools, hospitals, bridges and infrastructure).

They are especially effective for finishing operations requiring maximum precision, minimum intrusion and an optimum aesthetic result.



Operating Weight: With Mount Cap kg 1420 / Without Mount Cap kg 1200
Input Power: kw 55
Max. Peak Power: kw 70
Max. Operating Pressure: bar 350
Oil Flow: L/pm 120~270
Cutting Speed: Rpm 65~113
Cutting Head Torque: at 350bar Nm 12,500
Cutter Diameter: 590mm
Cutter Drum Width: 942mm
Total Height: 1102mm
No. Of Picks: Pcs 2 x 26




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