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Coneqtec AP-600HD Heavy Duty Road Profiler

Coneqtec Universal AP600HD Heavy Duty Road Profiler

600mm Drum



-Cutting width: 24″

-Cutting Depth: 6″

-Tilt Capability: 15 degrees

-Shipping weight: 1900 lbs

-Flow: Hi

-#Teeth: 68


Key Features:

Center-pivot design –  Planer performance is greatly improved with the centre pivot design  which puts the force of the skid steer directly over the cutting drum.


Front down design –  This exclusive feature keeps the front of the planer low to the ground,  providing a constant barrier for the debris generated by the planing operation.


High torque direct-drive design – This delivers the power directly to the drum. No power is lost through a planetary reduction system.


Controls –  Planers come with the option of either swing-away hydraulic controls or electric controls.


Front access door – All sizes come equipped with a large access door for quick inspection and easy removal of pics.


High pic count outside drum plates – Extra pics are strategically located on the outer drum plates to reduce wear on the outside pics and blocks and to provide a smooth cutting action.


Optional water kits –   Each planer has pre-drilled holes to accept optional Coneqtec/Universal  water kits.


Coneqtec Universal


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