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Case CX75C Excavator (Optional Offset Boom)


Unique Tier 4 Final Technology: No DPF regeneration with DOC-only solution. Our midis meet Tier 4 Final regulations without the need of having a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This means no need of filter regeneration, no fuel used to burn particulate matter and no need to replace a DPF. Emissions are reduced by reducing fuel consumption with an efficient common rail engine and an advanced variable control Cooled Exhaust Gases Recirculation system, then a device called Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) utilizes a chemical process in order to break down pollutants from the engine in the exhaust stream, turning them into less harmful components. This system is highly efficient and very simple.

More Productivity and Versatility

  • More hydraulic power: CX75C and CX80C deliver great hydraulic power thanks to the increased hydraulic oil flow (148 l/min): + 9% vs B-Series.
  • More digging force: with increased arm breakout force (+ 3 %), cycle times are reduced and the job gets done faster.
  • More working hours without refuelling: 120 litre fuel tank: +20% vs B-Series = more uptime!
  • Safety without compromise: The cab of C-Series midis has been completely redesigned, meeting ROPS and FOPS Level II safety standards, ensuring best-in-class operator protection, outstanding roominess and improved visibility; safer, more comfortable and durable, provides pleasant ride and reduces noise level inside the cab. A convenient engine stop switch located on the right console allows to immediately turn off the engine granting more safety for the operator in emergency situations.
  • Work safely in tight spaces: The short tail and front swing radius design make C-Series mid-size excavators the best solution to work efficiently in confined spaces. Disturbance in urban and road jobsites, as well as the possibility of hitting things while swinging the upper structure of the machine are minimized thanks to the compact design. CX75C SR can work in less than 3 meters of width!
  • 40% Improvement on SAE serviceability index: Hydraulic system, filters, engine and radiators can easily be reached from ground level, allowing intuitive, safe and fast maintenance operations. The fuse box’s location is now easier to access. The built-in monitor system includes a self-diagnosis system that alerts the operator in case of failures or malfunctioning preventing machine damages. Low soot combustion system and no regeneration minimizes oil degradation and ensures extended drain intervals.


  • Engine type – Isuzu Motor – AU-4LE2X (Tier 4 Final)
  • Net power – 40 kW
  • Max reach – Mono Boom 6.41 m / Offset Boom 6.50 m
  • Max digging depth – Mono Boom 4.13 m / Offset Boom 4.25 m
  • Operating weight – Mono Boom 8000 kg / Offset Boom 8360 kg


Case Construction


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