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Auger Torque- 1800kg – Pallet Forks

Fully adjustable tynes with locking pins.
Tynes are fixed at the top and heel preventing bouncing while carrying loads.
Sidestep for easy entry and exit of the cab.
High visibility brick guard giving you good vision whilst loading and unloading – crucial in a safety conscious age.
Can be disassembled and packed into a compact storage space when not in use.

Weight Capacity: 1800 KG
Tine Height: 550 mm
Tine Width: 100 mm
Tine Length: 1220 mm
Tine Thickness: 1220 mm
Assembled Height: 930 mm
Assembled Width: 1185 mm
Assembled Length: 1490 mm
Kit Weight: 196 Kg


Auger Torque


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