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6000L Water Cartage Tank

6000 litre aqua-v water cartage tank
450mm poly hinge lid & 2 inch croc-loc fitting (loose)

  • Length – 2790mm
  • Width – 2000mm
  • Height – 1556mm
  • Weight – 275kg

Water cartage tanks

Using specially blended polyethylene, our aqua-v water cartage tanks are suitable for potable (drinking) water, are uv stabilised and are manufactured for liquids with a 1.1:1 specific gravity such as water. With a 15 year warranty for peace of mind, your water cartage tank will be there for the long haul. If you are looking for a tank for heavier liquids such as molasses, ask about our fertiliser & molasses grade liquid transport tanks.

Rapid spray poly cartage tanks

Poly has proven itself to be the most impact resistant and durable material for water cartage tanks & won’t ever rust. Watch the video as tws hire tells why they went away from cracking fibreglass tanks & heavy rusting steel tanks & chose the right tanks for their fleet rapid spray poly cartage tanks.

Suitable for potable water

All rapid spray cartage tanks come out of the mould food grade and are suitable for potable (drinking) water delivery. Our cartage tanks are uv stabilised and backed by a full term 15 year warranty for peace of mind.

Ball baffle system

Order your cartage tank with the rapid spray ball baffle system for stability and smooth driving experience without the ‘slosh & surge’ of liquid. Watch this video testing the ball baffle system & how much difference it makes to the safety of your load.

From: $5,300 + gst (bare tank)




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