Weber MT SRV 620

Durability and longevity - that's what the vibrating tamper SRV 620 stands for.

Due to their significantly increased stroke and impact power these tampers compact even faster and more efficiently. Weber MT has not only increased the impact power, but has also made substantial progress toward operational comfort.

Ten points for the SRV Tampers:
1. Thanks to low hand/arm vibrations the operator can work for a long period of time.
2. Proven, powerful and rugged tamping system.
3. Four-stroke gasoline engines with low emissions.
4. High wear-resistance of the guide cylinder thanks to special material treatment processes
5. Effective multi-stage air filtration system with cyclone pre-cleaner protects the engine against harmful contaminants.
6. Tank and inline filters clean the fuel.
7. Engine is protected against stone impacts.
8. Bellows are placed at a safe height.
9. A notched throttle control lever controls the tamping output.
10. Two years warranty without restrictions.

Excellent compaction results, exemplary operating comfort and rugged design are the essential requirements vibratory tampers must meet. Suitable for earth compaction in sewage and trench construction, shoulder compaction or patching repairs in road construction, and use in gardening and landscaping.


- High tamping outputs.

- Components optimally matched to each other.

- Maximum reliability due to the use of high-quality materials.

- High wear resistance thanks to special material treatment processes such as the ceramic-like coating applied on the guide cylinder.

- Low maintenance efforts.

- 2 year warranty.


Operating weight to CECE - 66 kg

Shoe width - 280 mm

Percussion, max. - 700/min

Stroke - 65mm

Engine manufacturer/type - Honda GXR 100

Engine type - 4 stroke

Output, max. - 2.1 kW

Output at operating speed - 1.8 kW at 4100 rpm

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