Weber MT SRV 590

The vibrating tamper SRV 590 - strong and lightweight.

Its low weight (136 lbs/62 kg) makes the tamper easier to transport and handle during work on the construction site. Despite the low weight of the SRV 590, you can still rely on its robust design.

Ten points for the SRV 590:
1. Thanks to good operating comfort and low hand/arm vibrations the operator can work for a long period of time.
2. Rugged and powerful tamping system.
3. Four-stroke gasoline engines GXR 120 from Honda with low emissions.
4. During start-up an oil sensor monitors the oil pressure and prevents the engine from starting, if there is lack of oil.
5. High wear-resistance of the guide cylinder thanks to special material treatment processes.
6. Effective multi-stage air filtration system with cyclone pre-cleaner protects the engine against harmful contaminants.
7. Tank and inline filters clean the fuel.
8. A notched throttle control lever controls the tamping output.
9. Easy transport thanks to carrying handles and rolls.
10. Two years warranty without restrictions.


Advantages of SRV 590:

- Exceptional tamping capacity.

- Long-lasting tamping system: the lubrication system reliably supplies all components housed in the crank- case with oil.

- Block impact safety device prevents damage to the tamping system.

- High degree of wear resistance thanks to specially treated materials, e.g. including a ceramic-like coating of the guide cylinder.

- High level of operational safety thanks to a powerful air filtration system including cyclone pre-cleaner, which prevents dirt from penetrating the engine.

- Easy transport thanks to carrying handles and casters.

- Fuel tank with integrated fuel filter, gas cap with ventilation and bleeding as well as a storage option while tank is being filled.

- Low oil warning built into the SRV 590 (Honda GXR 120) prevents the engine from starting if the oil level is too low. LED indicates low oil level.


Operating weight to CECE - 62 kg

Shoe width - 280 mm

Frequency - 57 Hz

Percussion, max. - 700/min

Stroke - 64mm

Engine manufacturer/type - Honda GXR 120

Engine type - 4 stroke

Output, max. - 2.8 kW

Output at operating speed - 2.6 kW at 4100 rpm

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