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Case Lubricants for Earthmoving machine and equipment

Case Akcela oil is specially developed to maximise component life by resisting oxidation, preventing build-up, and maintaining proper viscosity.       

Fluids work with all engine types and brandseven older equipment.

Hy-Tran Ultraction offers best-in-class water tolerance (the highest level in the industry)withstanding contamination without additive depletion.

These are the only fluids tested and recommended for your Case CE by our expert engineers.

Our fluids come with solidly defined performance and service interval properties (up to 600 hours between oil changes for select equipment models), something will-fit brands can't claim.

Case CE fluids assure longer service intervals, higher performance, a lower risk of equipment failure and better preserved machine equity.

Higher combustion temperatures and cylinder pressures are among the emission technology advances in the Tier-4B engines. As a result, the coolant in these new engines must resist deposit build-up and other issues that can occur in such extreme conditions. Actifull OT coolant meets this demand.

Find the recommended oils and lubricant products you need for all your heritage and current model machinery. Use this guide to select the right oils for your Case Equipment:



Filters for earthmoving Equipment and Machines

The Cost Of A Filter Goes Beyond Its Price

A filter's purpose is to extend the life of your equipment by protecting it from harmful contaminants. Lower-quality filters may save you at the counter, but their inferior protection can be costly in the long run.

Your filter is the first line of defence against impurities. Those impurities can affect engine performance and even lead to engine failure.

Small Particles, Big Differences - Case CE filters have been engineered to stop and hold a range of impurities, therefore reducing performance issues and increasing your service intervals. Case CE filters are the only filters designed for your machine, by the professionals who know your machine. Their advanced design and durable construction are rigorously tested to ensure the best heavy-duty protection for your equipment.

The Case CE Genuine Filter Range  - At EEA, we offer a complete range of genuine filters to suit your farming operation.

  • Cabin Air Filters
  • Engine Air Filters
  • Hydraulic Filters
  • Fuel Filters



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